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How To Remove a Swimming Pool?

  1. First, Dependable Demolition researches the permits and stipulations of your area before we begin removing your swimming pool.
  2. Then we drain the swimming pool by drilling through the concrete, allowing the water to escape.
  3. Next, we remove the structure and fill in the open space.

What are the different types of pool’s?

Partial Pool Removal

A simple and less costly method of pool removal is the partial swimming pool removal. For this method, concrete is removed while the rest of the pool area is packed with gravel and soil.

Full Pool Removal

We can also provide a full demolition and removal of your swimming pool. Instead of simply removing the top few feet of concrete, the entire structure is broken up and removed.

How will we remove your swimming pool?

In both cases the following will need to be done:  The pool will need to be emptied, the affected area will need to have an underground locate to assure no utilities are in place, a permit will need to be in place for the demolition and in some markets a plumbing disconnect will be requires.  The decision to abandon vs. exhume is based on the comfort of the customer and the planned usage of the area after the demolition is completed.  In all cases the home owner will be required to disclose the existence of a pool to potential buyers even though this is of public record.  If you have elected to use the effected property for expansion of your home or any use that requires the placement of footers you would probably want to consider the exhuming process, general usage usually lends more to an abandonment.  If you are building on this area it’s critical that you get your general contractor involved in this decision prior to your committing to a format of removal.

What’s the disposal?

Excess concrete will be recycled and reused, saving you money and keeping concrete out of landfills. We guarantee a thorough job with minimum environmental impact for any budget.

What are the difference styles of pool removal?


Between 95 and 98 % of all pool demolitions fall in this category.  The principle reason is cost.  This process involves the use of our skid loader and is completed after we arrive at a drained pool cavity although we do provide the draining of the pool at an à la carte pricing.  The skid loader opens one end of the pool and then uses some of the dirt that will be used as a backfill in the abandoned pool cavity to build a ramp into the pool.  At that point the skid loader begins punching holes in the bottom of the pool to allow future drainage.  Once the holes are in place then the cool deck area is pushed into the bottom of the abandoned cavity.  The skid loader then hammers and removes the top 2 to 3 feet of the pool and pushes that into the cavity.  At that point dirt is placed into the pool and we use a stepping process which is about 2 feet of dirt placed into the pool cavity and then compacted with the machine.  Eventually the entire pool cavity is filled and a small golf ball or belly effect is left to allow any additional settlement.  We traditionally leave the pool area in a     back dragged fashion although many customers want us to provide a turnkey job up to and including fence replacement and sod or seeding of the disturbed area.


This process requires the total removal of the cavity and we must accomplish this with a track loader or an excavator.  The entire pool is removed and hauled away and the entire cavity is filled with dirt.  This process generally runs about twice the cost of an abandonment given the need for both pieces of equipment, the loss of the concrete fill and it’s transportation to a recycling facility and the need for twice the dirt used in a basic abandonment.  Again we offer the à la carte work including the pool draining, permitting, fence replacement and sodding.

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